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I've been thinking about what is the difference between White Kyurem's Ice Burn and Black Kyurem's Freeze Shock? Also are they multi-typed moves? Like Ice Burn is an Ice and Fire move?? Also how do you pronounce Kyurem. Is it "Keeyoo-rem"?

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That didn't help.
I used to pronounce it kai-you-rem

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They both have a power of 140 and an accuracy of 90%.
Both are signature moves and have a 30% chance of an added effect happening.
Both must charge for one turn before usage (Unless a Power Herb is held by the user.)
Both are Ice type moves.
Both have PP of 5 (MAX: 8)

Freeze Shock

  • Physical
  • 30% chance of Paralysis
  • Signature Move of Black Kyurem

Ice Burn

  • Special
  • 30% chance of a burn
  • Signature move of White Kyurem


Bulbapedia/ Freeze Shock
Bulbapedia/ Ice Burn


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ok thanks but how do u pronounce kyurem properly?
I say it "Cure-Em". I don't think there is a right way.
You have to charge?
I thought it was almost the same as Blue flare/Bolt strike
Yes you have to charge. It is like Sky Attack.
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Ice Burn and Freeze Shock are the signature moves of white kyurem and black kyurem.
Ice burn has a 30% chance to burn the opponent, while Freeze shock has a 30% chance of paralyzing the opponent, also ice burn is a special attack, while freeze burn is a physical attack.

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