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Since no Pokemon is able to learn it, At the moment.

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They are discovered by people extracting all the game data from the game cartridges. Somewhere in the game data is a list of all moves, Pokemon, abilities, etc.

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This is the answer I've been looking for, thanks a lot Pokemaster and excellent answer!
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Freeze Shock and Ice Burn were discovered when people used Metronome. Like Pwnyta said, these probably are the signature moves of Kyurem. It is possible that Nintendo may release this Kyurem in the future. Kyurem is believed to be the the trio master of Tao trio (Zekrom, Reshiram), signifying that it may come with special moves, like Arceus, head of the Creation trio (Dialga, Palkia, Giratina) came with moves like related to its trio: Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, and Shadow Force.

It is now believed that these two moves are the signature moves of White and Black Kyruem. "Freeze Shock" relates to both Kyruem and Zekrom, and "Ice Burn" relates to Kyruem and Reshiram.

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I got more information about the 2 moves probably being related to Kyurem than an actual answer, Yes, I've read enough of that on Bulbapedia. All I got for answer was "Discovered by Metronome", Which, Is "eh" for an answer.
It technically answers it, I guess. Where did you find the answer?
Probably the signature moves of kyreum in B2/W2 along with glaciate