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Big Root

>The HP stolen by HP-draining moves is increased by 30%.

Big Root

Source: Bulbapedia/ Big Root

My Scrafty knows Drain Punch.

>Drain Punch inflicts damage, and up to 50% of the damage dealt to the target is restored to the user as HP.

It holds the item Big Root. I want to know which is happening.

  1. 50% + 30% = 80%


  2. 50 + 15%(which is 30% of 50%)= 65%


Basically, does the Big Root boost it to 65% or 80% ??


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It will be 65%, as the 30% boost applies to the amount drained, not the amount it will drain.

It says increased, which can,most probably, solve our problem.

Also, Leech Seed, if dealing 10 damage, will damage 13 with a Big Root. This is a similar case, with 30% of the HP healed will be added to the total healing.

Look here for the Leech Seed example.

This question also tells a lot(your own answer) : http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/69224/does-the-root-make-draining-moves-more-powerful-just-heal-more

Note : This is what I feel, after having done the Math. However, if anyone differs, then, I won't deny, considering this is a tricky question. Also, I might be wrong for all I know.

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This is correct, good answer.
I know what i said. I always thought it was 80%, but that seemed too good to be true.