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I was wondering because:
EXAMPLE Tentacool,Frillish ... Tentacruel,Jellicent

They're close dopple-gangers in the two generations so I was wondering,is there a dopple-ganger for every pokemon?

(you don't need to talk about legendaries)


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Not really
example: Milotic, palpitoad,etc

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No, there aren't dopple - gangers for each pokemon.
Like Pikachu, Gardevoir, Golem Etc.

Hope this helps!

Well actually Gothitelle is close to Gardevoir & Gigalith is close to Golem
I thought Gigalith was a Metagross dopple ganger
Pikachu has a a dopple ganger in each gen!
yea pachirishu
and emolga, minun, plusle and maybe marill