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For my Sapphire Nuzlocke, I really want to get certain Pokemon (Ex: Ralts) for my team, is there any way to get a specific one in those games, or improve the chances of getting a certain typing of Pokemon? Sorry if this sounds dumb.

Static encounters. But I think the only static encounters in Sapphire are Kyogre and Rayquaza.
There's also Voltorb, Kecleon, and Electrode.
That's true. Forgot about those guys.

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There are several ways to raise your chance of getting certain Pokemon and lowering your chance of getting others. The first way is the repel trick.

To perform the trick, the player simply needs any type of Repel (preferably multiple) and a Pokémon at a specific level at the front of the Party. Specifically, the Pokémon's level must be the same as (or possibly less than) the highest wild Pokémon level in the area.

This trick is possible because the Repel's effect is to prevent "weak" wild Pokémon from appearing. In this case, "weak" means a Pokémon at a lower level than the first Pokémon in the Party. This means that if wild Pokémon of multiple different levels (a range of levels) appears in an area, which is almost always the case, and the Pokémon at the front of the player's Party has a level in between this range, any wild Pokémon with equal or higher levels will continue to appear while any Pokémon with a lower level will stop appearing.

For example, using a level 10 Pokemon and a repel in Granite Cave 1F will make you encounter Makuhita and nothing else. There are some abilities that affect the wild Pokemon that you encounter. The most straightforward are static, magnet pull, flash fire, storm drain, lightning rod, and harvest, which raises the chance of finding electric, steel, fire, water, electric, and grass Pokemon, respectively. Cute charm raises your chance of finding an opposite-gendered Pokemon and consequently raises your chance of finding a species that can be of the opposite gender (and lowers the chance of finding species that can only be the same gender or are genderless). Unfortunately, most of these effects were added later and are not in Sapphire.
Please tell me if I missed something.

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Thanks, this will definetly be useful to find pokemon like Makuhita and possibly Skarmory, if I want one.
Actually, I just checked, would Skarmory count, they're found at 16, but all the other pokemon's maxes are 16, so would it be the same as before? Or would I get Skarmory because of the fact that the others have ranges that are lower than Skarmory's?
The repel trick can repel the lower level Spindas and Sandshrews but not the level 16 Pokemon. So you have a higher chance, but not a 100% chance, of getting Skarmory.
But why would you want a Skarmory? Compared to other flying Pokemon (especially Swellow), it has low speed and can't learn any strong STAB moves.
Skarmory is fairly good defensively and does get Steel Wing and Fly. Steel types can be pretty useful for the fourth gym.
Swellow also gets steel wing and fly, and the fourth gym is fire type.
Fire's super effective to steel + I don't need help with Flanery, I have Marshtomp/ Swampert, that'll sweep her team with Super Effective Water STAB
Oops sorry, I meant the fifth gym (Norman)
I mean, I guess because of their resistance, but I've never really had a problem with Norman. I'll probably go with Swellow, he's been my flyer every time I play Hoenn.
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No. Encounters are completely random and there is no way to set an encounter unless you use cheats or something. However, there is something you can use to your advantage. It's called 'dupes clase' which is basically if you encounter a Pokemon or its evolutionary line, you are free to skip it and get a different encounter but only if you already have said evolutionary line

For example, in route 201 in Sinnoh, you can get a Biddoof, Starly and Kricketot. By catching a Bidoof in route 201, you can skip your next encounter on route 202 if it is another Bidooff, allowing you to get a second chance and get either Shinx or Starly in 202

In your case, you just have to go to other routes and capture a Zigzagoonk, Poohycena, Wumrple, Seedot and Susrkit. Since Ralts can be found on route 102, by capturing these mons from other routes, you can skip every encounter until you have a Ralts since the dupes clause states that you can skip an encounter if you already have it or any of its evolutionary line in your box or party

Thanks, that's a really good idea, I'm DEFINETELY gonna use the dupes clause!
And one of them's Wingull, who isn't on 102, dang it, I don't think I can get one.
Anyone got the answer by what he meant by multiple locations, since I've only found 2 pokemon accessable places, not including 102.
It doesn't have to be before route 102. You can find the mons in further routes before coming back to 102 so you can focus on finding Ralts
Yeah, I realized that a while ago, I gave up getting Ralts, because it's not even that useful before it got Fairy Typing. Plus, I caught an Abra, which is super nice, and all I have to do is train him till he's Kadabra.