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My friends are getting shinies like randomly and i never even saw one in my 3 years of experience so... And also, is there any mathematic formula to represent the chances of meeting a shiny Pokemon?


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Here contains the formula

(Trainer ID) xor (Secret ID) = E
(First byte word of personality value) xor (Second byte word of personality value) = F
If E xor F is less than eight, then the Pokémon is Shiny.

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pokemon math the hardest math you will ever have to do :3
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Not in the wild unless you chain them(only for diamond pearl and platinum) but you can use the Musuda Method to breed a shiny pokemon. Now this method wont always produce a shiny but it raises the chances of the egg being shiny. To do this method breed a pokemon with a pokemon from a different country i.e a german pikachu with a english ditto

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Highly unlikly breed with someone like french pikachu