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I like both but I don't no which is better.

I prefer pokemon with less weaknesses.
I also prefer pokemon with higher speed and sp.attack stats.
Better moves help too.
Abilities must be useful.

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It has better speed with an extra ghost typing so it has resistances or immunities to some of ice's weaknesses like fighting, & has a HUGE move pool of special attacks like many ghosts

It also has an ability that is perfect for a hail team

It also has lower defencive stats (hp/defence/sp. defence) & so it will easily be OHKOed by a fire move

It has a big movepool of strong physical & special moves that compensate for its low stats

It has better defensive stats than its female counter part

it just has 80 base stats so it will need choice items or really strong moves to compensate.

It doesn't have the extra ghost typing that can make fighting moves not hurt it.

Over all

I like both but frosslass is the better choice. It has a better speed stat & a better special move pool & is a great spikes supporter with less weaknesses than Galie.

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I agree PS its Glalie. I hate Glalie but you have to respect pokemon
Uhhh, due to Froslass' ghost typing, it actually has more weaknesses than Glalie(I'm not trying to be rude).