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I was thinking of using a Froslass to counter Zekrom.

The scenario that my Frosslass is max EV trained in Special Attack and Speed, which makes it faster than Zekrom, and the opposing Zekrom is EV maxed in Attack, and then evenly distributed in all other areas besides Special Attack.

Will my Froslass survive after setting up Hail in the first turn, and then using Blizzard in the next?

Assume opposing Zekrom lands a Bolt Strike, but does not land a critical hit, or inflicts paralysis.

Would this strategy allow my Froslass to OHKO Zekrom after the set-up? Or am I better off using Ice Beams until the Zekrom is gone?

Helpful tips are welcome.

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What move does Zekrom use?
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Two Ice Beams has more power than one Blizzard.

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I would use Ice Beam instead, or substitute then Blizzard.

Here is a good moveset:
Rest with chesto berry
Ice Beam or blizzard
Substitute or Wake up slap
Destiny bond

Annoying staller:
Hail/ protect
Blizzard/Ice Beam

The movesets are in my opinion

Hail gives blizzard 100% accuracy.
Thank you, this is helpful.
Hail activate froslass ability