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some kid asks for a pokemon with charge.. but always says it has to be from another world.. what pokemon is he talkin abt D:


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>In a house on the eastern side of town, if you head upstairs, there's a guy that will ask to see a Pokemon with the move Charge. However, it needs to be on a Pokemon from the opposite version — a Blitzle or something from your own version won't work, so you'll need to trade with a friend to get one. What do you get if you can do this? If you do this in either version, you'll wind up with a Cell Battery, which, after the holder takes damage from an Electric-type move, it raises the user's Attack afterwards (and uses up the Cell Battery).


so the whole purpose of this is to raise one of your pokemon's attack?
You get an item in which your attack is raised when hit by an Electric attack.