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This is black and white 2 and ive been battling with a good team but when I get to opelucid city with none of my team over level 40 (i beat the mistalron gym with my trusty ampharos) I am working on training my team but a field test shows that water types (my starter) are innefective! is there a ice or dragon type Pokemon that can remedy this problem?

I remember I had a Garchomp that ripped that gym apart.

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You can catch axews in mistralton cave mainly in guidance chamber and its better if you catch one with mold breaker it's from level 29-30
And cubchoo from levels 30-33 in route 7 train them up to level 37 and evolve it to beartic
I recommend beartic over axew because beartic is difficult to take down in the gym but axew can be taken down by dragon type moves and evolves later and beartic has higher stats than fraxure which evolves from axew at level 38
But if you plan on using them later axew is better after it evolves into haxorus by having only two weaknesses and AMAZING attack power

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I think you have something going here and right now i have a cubchoo AND an axew at both level 30 with axew having mold breaker (am i stalkerish or what)
Use both against the gym
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Well,since it winter now,i would suggest you to catch a walrein.An Awesome ice type Pokemon which can wreck drayden's team.Catch axews in misralton cave.All ice and dragon types are good.But these are the most prefered Pokemon against drayden.

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im gonna shoot myself if i change my team again D: so im not going to get walrein and i already have an AXEW and a cubchoo plus if i have to i can use my druddigon.
its just a suggestion,okay?
You might wanna evolve them, and train them some more like my answer says though.