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i just caught a feebas at route 119 and just wondering how do i max its beauty as said in the db that it needs max beauty to evolve

ps:i'm in fortree city :)

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You can raise Beauty by giving Feebas High-Level PokeBlocks. The Pokeblocks have to be of the Blue or Indigo color. Keep Feeding it until it won't take anymore. Your PokeBlocks also need to be of a high level to raise Beauty more, which is determined by the Type of Berry used and the Speed of the Berry Blender.


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You will need to make blue pokeblocks (the ones that raise beauty) and keep feeding them to feebas until he can't eat anymore, his beauty stat will then be maxed. To evolve it, you need to max its beauty stat and then make it level up, it will evolve after the battle.

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