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I need two Pokemon

Can take a few powerful hits
Decent Attack
Awesome Defense
Decent Sp Attack
Decent Sp Defense
Awesome Speed


Awesome Attack
Decent Defense
Awesome Sp Attack
Decent Sp Defense
Decent Speed

My Gliscor fits the first
Might want to answer for that one....
I gave him my Gliscor.... He calls it the Epic Gliscor
This is not sufficient information for asking this question please add: Preferable type resistances/weaknesses etc, Tier, and role.

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  1. Cobalion - his Defense and his Speed are his highest stats. Attack is not bad. Has access to Swords Dance and Work Up. Attack stats are equal.

  2. Infernape - he has access to Swords Dance, Nasty Plot, & Work Up, so he can be a physical, special or mixed attacker. His attack stats are equal and his speed is great. Give him a Focus Sash or Life Orb and you have a killer.

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I would go with eviolite dusclops as the first, and lucario or hydreigon as the second, if you want movesets just ask.

Dusclops fits everything but the speed, but I think that is as close as you'll get. Lucario is a perfect second fit.
Why thank you, and I agree, dusclops is a bit lacking in the speed department.
Could I have a Lucario moveset?