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I know that you get it in Twist Mountain, but what is the chance of getting it?

I've had almost all fossils but Cover Fossil, so I'm kind of mad at fossils now.

do you need to post a pic/sprite for EVERY question?

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Actually, you get that in Relic Castle (First Floor). A Backpacker ask's you to choose one, and you can choose the cover fossil. (The other option is the Plume Fossil.) Also, once you choose the fossil, you can't get the other one in your game.
<- A backpacker.
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i chose plume...it said to choose that in the walkthrough so i can't get cover there...plus i said what is the chance of getting it...please edit
you can't get it anymore. but the chance of getting any of the 7 fossils in twist mountain is 1/7.
which are kabuto, omanyte, aerodactyl, lileep, anorith, cranidos and shieldon.
You can get plume fossil or cover fossil only 1 time in the game