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My friend, Katie, and I chose Cyndaquil and now we finished the game and were working together on the pokedex. I came up wih a plan to save the game, turn it off and start a new one and pick totodile/ chickorita and trade for some random weakling the other had. She loved the idea but then she said it wouldn't work because you have to save after a trade. Is this true? By the way in case the information is imporant, we were using the trade/battle room because neither of us has a friend code for Heartgold and Soulsilver.

I asked myself the same question when I was trading with my friend Sophia.
Turns out that you can only have 6 tags max so i hd to combine them since i have ss and she has hg. And i see its a comon quetion I must know now.
oh.. ok I'll play along!
Teehee. It's always been a talent of mine. Now why didn't I win the talent show? A kid brought a singing unicorn. Poop.

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I'm sorry but there is not really any way to do it.
Although you could just make eggs for each other, but you will also need a Ditto.

Good Luck!!! :D

Well I don't understnd your answer. I caught us each a ditto, but neither of us has chikorita or totodile since we started with cindaquil. We want to get all 3 so can we start over our games no saving and trade then the 1 who restarted turn it off?