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When you migrate does the pokemon has to be in its original region?

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Say i caught Groudon in ss and I want to migrate it to black does it have to be from LG/FR?
you cant catch Groudon in LG/FR

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If im understanding your question right then the answer is no...... Example A Umbreon can be obtained in Platinum, but its original region was Jhoto. i can still migrate that Umbreon to my pokemon Black even though its in the Shinnoh Region.

Source-Personal Experience

If you mean you migrate a pokemon from one region can you migrate it again the answer is yes you can still migrate it again.......Example i have a Charmander on my Firered and i migrate it to my Heartgold, later i can migrate that same Charmander to my pokemon Black.

Source-Personal Experience

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i didnt get which one you meant so i just put both
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No as long as it has no illeagle hidden machines in b/w and isn't holding an item they can be migrated fine as long as its not from a gba game.
Source: experience.

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