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Nidoking Can, A 100% MALE Poke'mon Can Breed.

But On The Other Hand...
Nidoqueen Can't AT ALL And It Is A 100% FEMALE
Why Can't It Breed?

I Want A Nidoran (F) But How?

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you can't breed nidoqueen because it's in the undiscovered egg group and nidoking is in the field and monster egg group

Why Can HE Breed, And A GIRL Can't?
you did not answer the MAIN question.
well i don't know that it's just how game freak made it
One thing to understand. Pokemon never,NEVER uses common sense. and thats why we all love it.
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I'm not a 100% sure, but I do believe that nidoqueen is running though a menopause state.
this thing happens to elderly females and other animals. Nidoking can breed fine, however I'm not sure about Nindorina, even though chances are to a human young female is about 1% in the late 30s.
but with this kind of thing Nidoqueen, I dunno.

by the way, sorry if this question was a few years late than usual.

It's 5 years late bro. Where were you 5 years ago?
Unconscious of busy work
You mean 5 years and not a 5 minuits of free time