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I wanna Get Giratina But i need another masterball


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  1. Go to jubilife city. If your pokemon id number matches the lottery number ten you get a masterball.

  2. If you go the town with the day care, one man asks you to bring him a certain pokemon. He will then give you a reward. The man once asked me and my friend for a arceus. We got one from the gts and gave it to him and we got 5 masterballs.

Wait, you sure your game has never been hacked before? I never heard of this method...
No. Its true. Please unvote it as I have seen it while playing with my friends game WHICH IS NOT HACKED.
Mega charizard is right. -votes up-
LOL! An Arceus?! Dat man is CRAY-Z.
This is lie do you even have a source? Nobody else have said this method before and 5 master balls realy? Im 100% sure that you friend has Used an Action replay