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help me catch a lapras please in heartgold soul silver. everyone keeps on saying by interaction but what exactly does that mean?

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You can catch Lapras every Friday in Union Cave (B2), as Driftloon was to Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

Downstairs in Union Cave B2, you'll see a large body of water, so Surf south until you can turn east and then north; there's an Elixir on land in the top right corner of the room. After that keep Surfing south until can't keep going down; wash ashore here and fight the male Ace Trainer, who has all three of Kanto Region's Starter Pokemon. On a ledge just above him is a Hyper Potion, so grab that and Surf west to the land just below a female Ace Trainer who uses all four members the Eevee family that debuted in Generation I. Grab the Calcium hidden on the floor behind her, and then head south to snag an Ultra Ball hiding in a jagged rock behind another female Ace Trainer with a Poliwhirl. Surf east from this Trainer and you should find Lapras in the waters. (<- psypokes.com)

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Or safari zone
You can only get the Lapras after you beat Morty, right?
As soon as you unlock Safari Zone then can change around land then you can switch the zones around and get the one with the lake. They will be around level 19 but are easy to level up so
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You can catch a lapras every Friday as a interactive Pokemon in union cave basement.
Other wise it's avalible in the safari zone.

Blob,which bit in safari zone?
It is in Safari Zone and when you switch around areas, look for the one with big lake in it and then surf in it