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Why is Shedinja so weak and Ninjask so strong?
Why is Shedinja start a level 1 like an egg?
Did Shedinja "part" from Ninjask to become Shedinja?

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What the heck do you mean with the second question?

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  1. Only game freak can completely answer this. But shedinja's ability wonder guard may have something to do with it.
  2. Of I understand the question correctly, shedinja starts out at level 20, like ninjask.
  3. Yes, shedinja is the possessed shedded skin of nincada.
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that sends chills down my back..."possesed skin of nincada"...ooooh
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Sorry you are terribly mistaken shedninja is not weaker than ninjask they are equal its all depends on how you use them

Shedninja:Although it only have 1 hp doesnt mean that it is weak. Its ability wonder guard helps it alot since only super effective moves are the only one that can hit it.(rock,fire,ghost,flying and dark)

And if i'm not mistaken your second question is something like 'Why is the stats of shedninja like a lv1 pokemon?' : every pokemons stats are different in lv1 and its hp is lv1 because game freak create it that way

Finally,Shedninja is an empty shell that can somehow moves thats why it is part ghost type in others words when nincada evolves it sheds its skin and turns into a ninjask

Hope this helps ;)

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I believe the answer to all 3 of your questions can be answered by saying that shedinja is the shedskin of nincada so it will not be as strong and will essentially need to start at lvl1

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