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Generation-wise, highest and lowest EV yield.

Sources please

I know it's a lot to ask, and for those who'll do it, Thanks in advance!

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EV yields only range from 0-3 in each stat, with the highest being 3 in total. In other words, if a Pokemon gives 3 EVs in one stat, it won't give any in the others.

This table of EVs per Pokemon is sortable and will show you which Pokemon have 3 EVs for each stat. There are around 10-20 for each stat so too many to post here.

oh sorry
isn't the range from 1-3??
oh, and from gen1-2, the highest is mewtwo, Hooh, and lugia
and the lowest is sunkern
It's 0-3 because for a certain stat they don't have to give you anything
but they still GET the EV. for example, shedinja doesn't need any HP, Def and Sp.Def EV but still get's it by defeating pokemon
No... we are talking about what EVs you get from other Pokemon. Shedinja gives out 2 EVs in HP if you defeat one. It gives out 0 EVs in the other stats. If you are using a Shedinja, that Shedinja can receive EVs in all stats, but only by battling a variety of Pokemon.