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Seriously, take a look at this:


HP - 150
ATTACK - 160
SPEED - 100



Look up a move in the Attackdex on Pokemon DataBase or Serebii. If you can find an attack there that sounds remotely fitting and realistic, then chances are, Slaking can learn it.


Slaking has a huge Movepool, larger-than-life stats, and ONLY has the tier of OU (competitively speaking, I think he should be Uber). Of course, he's held back by Truant, but still, his stats are tied with GROUDON AND KYOGRE, and is 50 stat points away form being tied for BEST stat total in Pokemon.

And to think, you had to fight TWO of these in Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire, against Norman. No wonder he was so hard. O_O

Anyway, can somebody elaborate on why Slaking is the way he is? Is the game balance, in Slaking's eyes, thrown off? Are his stats phenomenally high to compensate for his crappy ability? Frankly, I think he's way overpowered.

I need some information, guys.

The thing should be a pseudo legendary!

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His ability messes him up enough, to cut his stats in half. As I used Breloom in R/S/E against him, mach punch made it easy(swampert helped too of course!). Usually, he only gets one chance to attack if hes figghting a decent trainer, and he usually cant knock any decent pokemon out in 1 hit even with that attack. Your best bet to beat him would be a strong fast fighting type such as breloom, or heracross.

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So, by cut in half, that just means the offensive stats, right?
Yeah, speed, mainly, and attack, basically. If you don't get it, heres an explanation. A pokemon with exaclty haLF a slakings attack uses aerial ace 2 times in 2 turns. As Slaking only gets 2 attack once in those 2 turns, he dos the same damage in 2 turns, as a pokemon with half his attack.
Also if you use protect on the turn he attacks your basically invincible :P