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I want to use a power split shuckle but i cant find a pokemon that will work with shuckle that can learn trick room. I would like to use a starmine But it has to high a speed.

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Mew @Life Orb/Leftovers
Trait: Synchronize
Nature: Hasty (+Spd. -Def.)
EV's: 252 Spd. 252 Sp.Atk 4Hp

  • Aura Sphere- Coverage
  • Psychic- STAB
  • Flamethrower- Coverage (Better Accuracy Than Fire Blast.)
  • Trick Room- Requested

Hope I Helped! :)

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i cant get a mew or mewtwo or any legendary phychic type
Full speed on a trick room Pokemon .....
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Dusclops @Leftovers
Trait: Pressure
Nature: Bold (+Def. -Atk.)
Ev's: 252 HP/252 Def. / 4 SpD.(Special Defense, not Speed)
-Trick Room
-Calm Mind
-Seismic Toss

Just to let you know, a Power Trick Shuckle is unreliable.

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not if dusclops learns reflect
look at the HP base, and what you will get when you use power trick.  reflect isn't going to help much.