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Wobbuffett(m) lvl 22
sp. att:21
sp. def:33
hp:116 ????????

I know it is a defensive pokemon but should the hp really be that high??


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No, it is actually low. It's HP IV is only from 0-6
(nothing negative, just not very high. It is legit stat)

Its ivs will be lower than six as he trained it from lv4 so its likely to have hp evs, why answer this when there salready a good answer.
You said its normal just its ivs just like me -__- all you did was worded it diffrently i didnt meen you said word for word.
High for a level 22 pokemon i then went on to say 100 is good for level 30. I also said the stat was allong the lines of normal :L nm i cba just hide all the comments
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116 is high lol.
most pokemon struggle to get their hp over 100 at level 30 even with ev training and good ivs.
Give it some time for evs and ivs to kick in, im guessin its just evolved.

I never got wynaut. I used pokeradar on diamond and got it at lvl4
Well its likely to have low hp ivs but that is erfectly normal stats for wobuffet.