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If you are fighting Pokemon that give 1 ev yield n your Pokemon is equipped with a power bracer how many evs would your Pokemon receive?

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It add four attack EVs.

>Promotes Attack gain on level up, but halves Speed stat in battle. Adds 4 Attack EVs whenever experience is gained in battle, regardless of the Pokémon fought. Its effect is doubled by Pokérus. -Bulbepedia

So you would receive a total of 5 attack EVs, if you were fighting a Pokemon that yeilds 1 attack EV. Otherwise, it would be 1 EV and 4 attack EVs.

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Without pokerus what is the max amour of evs a pokemon can have?
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It depends. Take Patrat. It gives 1 Attack Ev.

If your Pokemon is holding the Power Bracer, it will recieve 5 Attack Evs.
If it is holding the Power Anklet, it will recieve 1 Attack Ev & 4 Speed Evs.

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Ok so I'm using my scizor n he has a power bracer n has pokerus so would that double the evs?
With PokeRus, he would get 10 Attack Evs from each Patrat.