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i have a electivire who knows thunderbolt. its attack is higher than its sp. attack so i was thinking which one ( thunderbolt or thunder punch) would be better and how much damage it would do in total.


attack 255
sp attack 179
nature bashful
motor drive

which one do more damage? can you all give me an approximate power number as well!
im playing pokemon platinum...


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Ok damage calculation needs the opponents def and special def to be taken into account so this cant be answered properly but im using your set on a celebi on a damage calculater.
Celebi has equal def and spdef to make it a fair test.

Thunderbolt-14.4% - 17% on 31 is everything and no evs with bashfull.
Thunder punch- 14.1% - 16.7% same set as the previous calculation.

So generally thnaks to better bp thunderbolt will hit just theat smigen harder on ballanced out pokemon.

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umm. i dont know much of this, im dumb when it comes to poke complications.
which one shall i use then?
Depends on the rest of the set, if you ev train it more in atk then defintly go with thunder punch, plus it will hit harder to ppokemon like jellicent and chanseys.
yay, we get there at last!