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I had a question that i cant figure out , so ive found 2 shiny pokemon in the darker grass where you can battle to 2 pokemon at once you know what i mean ?
But can you only find shiny pokemon in pkmn black/white in the darker grass?
Or also in the normal grass ?
Thankss xoxo

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You can find shiny pokemon at every place where there is pokemon.

Only Zekrom, Reshiram and Victini cannnot be shiny.

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lie victini can be a shiny but with this also how do i get a lava cookie with out the cruise and how do i get through the abyssal ruins first floor to get the pink block to move
no victini cannot be shiny
it can and it is the color white Seems that the DB has a Shiny Sprite of him.
It's possible through hacks, of course, but not otherwise.
well yeah but also you can catch one and it does have a shiny sprite of victini
yes victini can be shiny but you currently have no way of obtaining a shiny victini as the game is programmed to not be shiny so no it cant be shiny unless you cheat