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Ok, the other day I went to this city near where I live, looking for one of the Generation 2 games. I looked at EVERY SINGLE STORE until I came to a store that had a copy of Crystal version for sale. Immediately I bought it, seeing that it was the only copy in town. (Yay me.) The first day I had it the game worked fine. I played it for an hour or so, and then turned it off and got some rest. (I got home kinda late and I was tired.) But this morning I went to play it and the save file wouldn't even LOAD. Instead, here's what came up,
"The save file is corrupted!"
Okay, What the hey? One, I JUST GOT the game, and I don't own a cheating device, so it's not from cheats or hacks. Two, I've read about error codes on Bulbapedia, so the only other option could be that the internal battery died. (No wonder it's stuck on 8:02 PM, and to think it died only about 15 minutes after I finished playing it!) I'm pretty sure they tell you to send the game to Nintendo to get the battery fixed, but the game came out at least 10 years ago, so do they really even DEAL with this anymore? I realized that the only way to see my adorable little Cyndaquil again was to fix it myself. Can I please have a little step-by-step how-to on how to replace the internal battery without wrecking my brand-new game?
Thank you in advance.

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Oh yeah. "Brand-new". I should have expected something like this when you told me you got it yesterday. Something like this happened to me, but it was Gen.4; it just kinda reset itself and was fine from then on out.

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This should help you.

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