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  1. What are the conditions for a pokemon to pass down a DW ability?
  2. What are the conditions for a pokemon to pass down moves?
  3. Can only certain moves get passed down?
  4. Is it true that if the DW ability passer-downer holds an everstone it will have a higher chance for the yearling to have the DW ability?

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Lol, I just thought of the funniest thing in UberPwnage's answer lol metapod using outrage

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  1. The Female has a 60% chance of passing down the hidden ability when bred with a Pokemon of the same egg group (Ditto will NOT work). Males & the genderless have a 0% chance.

  2. Only Males can pass down moves.

  3. Yes. You will never see a Metapod using Outrage. There are restrictions.

>The Pokémon will start with any:

>- Moves that it would learn as a "Start" move in its learnset (In Generation II and Generation III, they learned all moves that are level 5 and below in their learnset.).

>- Moves that it would learn by leveling up only if both parents know the move. This does not apply to moves that later evolutions can learn (such as Breloom's Mach Punch, which Shroomish cannot learn for obvious reasons).

>- TM or HM moves (and in Crystal, Move Tutor moves) that the father knows and the baby can also learn by machine.

>- Egg moves that the baby can learn and the father knows.

  1. No.
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What are the restrictions?