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  1. what is the percentage of passing down the nature when it holds everstone?
  2. what is the percentage of passing down the iv when it holds power xxxxx?
  3. can any pokemon(male, female, ditto) hold those items to pass down its nature/iv?
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1. 50% of passing same nature.
2. (Isn't it 100%?)
3. I think female must hold the item.

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  1. It is a 50% chance.

  2. If one parent is holding the Power item, then the baby is guaranteed to have that IV. If both parents are holding a Power item, only one of those IVs is guaranteed (50% chance of each).

  3. Before HG/SS the Everstone only worked when held by females or Ditto. The Power items work for any Pokemon, but only from HG/SS onward.

GameFreak should change so that we can get IV from power items from both parents :<