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And for example, Rayquaza lv70 vs Raichu lv100. Rayquaza use extremespeed and Raichu use quick attack! which first? and what speed priority? where can I see it!

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Lots of moves have higher and lower speed priorities, which override a pokemon's usualy speed stat. Extremespeed and Quick Attack are both the same priority though (+1) so they will act like normal moves and whichever pokemon is fastest goes first.

The serebii link narwhals posted is ok but there is also Pursuit which is +7 only when the opponent is switching out, and switching out itself (+6) which comes after Pursuit but before everything else.

UPDATE: ExtremeSpeed is +2 priority in Black and White.

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Great extra information, Captain!

Serebii said he'd update his Mechanics pages, yet I still don't get why he never added more info on the varying priority values of pursuit. He touches upon Pursuit near the end of the article, but never explains its value, or swtiching's value in relation...
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This is a Serebii article that describes the numeric values included in every attack. This value goes on a scale from -7, to +5. The move with the higher value will go first. Note that regular attacks, like Water Gun or Body slam, have a default value of 0.

Quick Attack and Extremespeed both have a priority value of +1, so the Pokemon who has a higher Speed Stat will go first