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Lets say there was 2 trainers. T1 and T2

T1 sent out Ninetales!
T2 sent out FOrretress!

T1 Predicted a switch so he decided to switch
T2 didn't think T1 would switch, so he decided to send out his Arena trap Dugtrio.

I have been thinking of using this strategy but i didn't know who would switch out first because if T2 switched out first then Ninetales couldn't switch.


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>Electing to recall a Pokémon has a priority of +6.

Source: Bulbapedia/ Recall
Just like any priority battle, The fastest will win. If both a Donphan & a Weavile used Ice Shard, who would hit first?? The fastest Pokemon, Weavile. Same principle applies here.

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