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usually once i make Aprijuice it raises 1 stat by 2 but then lowers a stat by 1. For exampe i had one that raised power and lowered jump

I think that is impossible.
it is? awwwww
I don't think it is! I might look it up...
I beleive you mean apricorns
yeah XD

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It depends on what Pokemon u use it on, the nature of the Pokemon, the Flavour & mildness of the juice, and what apricots u used.

Personally, i always use... let's say, I want to raise My PKMN's Power, I put in a Red Apricorn (which raises Pow.) and 4 Black Apricots (to increase Flavour), then I go up and down the bycicle Road around 15 times to max out it's mildness, and feed it to 2 PKMN who needs Power, then add another black apricorn and repeat.

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so when you do that it doesn't lose a stat? cool!
Did it work?
Hello? Did it work, Pika?