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I know you can get one of the two in heartgold from the guy with the stones and then trade to b/w, but is there any way to get both? Would saving before you choose a stone and then trading the pokemon to b/w then reloading the save and doing it with a different stone work?


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No it wont work but you can just trade for one on the GTS

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Two possible solutions (just to warn you, for the first one you will have to delete your save file; also, this might take a week or so):
Solution 1

1.) Receive either one in HG/SS
2.) Migrate it over to B/W
3.) Delete the save file on HG/SS and restart, getting to the point where you receive a Hoenn starter again
4.) Migrate the other one over to B/W

Solution 2 (you must have R/S/E)
1.) Follow steps 1-2 for Solution 1
2.) Migrate a Hoenn starter from R/S/E to HG/SS to B/W

Or just use the GTS.

Slightly complicated, but at least they work. (-o-)

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true. I will add that.
thanks, i see why my suggestion won't work now; you have to save the game before trade -.- also, would I have to go online battling to get torchic marked in my pokedex to be able to recieve it on gts? or does someone use it in-game or on the battle subway?
As soon as you receive the Pokémon the Pokédex information will be filled in.
you actually have to have seen it in-game. Battling someone with one wont register it
thanks, I'll see if I can find someone in gts negotiations who has one, or just search for one online