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Ok, can somebody please tell me the diffrence how to soft restart because, even though i know I need to be confident that I wont delete my best profile so please answer.

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The difference between the button combo for soft resetting and deleting your game is drastically different, as seen in the following:

Soft reset: press R + Start (L + Select works here as well) at the same time to soft reset

Delete saved file: press and hold Select + B + Up On the title screen to delete saved file

So as you see, you are in no danger if deleting your file, as you have to press a different combo on the title screen to delete, as opposed to soft resetting. Also note that if you DO by some miracle accidentally press the delete combo, the game will ask you about 3 times whether it is ok to delete the file.

Hope I helped!

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Well to soft rest you actually have to be in the file so you shouldnt be on the title screen
Was that not implied?
Nope you never said it or implied it just that deleting a save file takes place on the title screen