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Lets say you are battling with an Arceus that is holding a Zap Plate, making it a Electric type. What would happen to it if someone used Knock Off, Thief,Trick,etc to take away that plate. Would it stay an Electric type or would it go back to Normal type.

It would go back to Normal type.... I guess. It seems easy at first glance.

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If any item item related move (trick, knock off, etc) is used on an arceus holding an elemental plate, it will fail, as the ability multitype makes it so that Arcues can't lose it's plate. Therefore it would stay an electric type.

Bulbapedia/ Trick
Bulbapedia/ Multitype

Credit to uberpwnage

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can i get a source?
i already knew this from random battles aka challenge cup. The Pika sent out Arceus Trainer sent out rotom! Heh heh uber. Arceus used swords dance! Rotom used trick! but it failed...
I can't give a link, because i can't give links on my iPod and the nearest computer is 5 miles away, but I know because I have asked this question before, and that is pretty much the answer I got. I'll give a link to my source ASAP.
This is correct.
okay maybe they should put that in the ability's description
Aura warrior is the name I gave my Lucario as a riolu before... Lucario's the highest leveled pokemon on my team too...