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Since "Type" weaknesses have already been established, I'll just break down their stats for you.

Very nice Speed, its Defense and Sp. Def are pretty good, but its Att and Sp. Att are kind of lacking.

Great Attack, good HP and Sp. Att, lacking in Sp. Def, and it's Speed and Defense are overall average.

HP and Att are pretty good, great Sp. Att, average in Def, Sp. Def, and Speed.
He doesn't want a break down of their stats, he wants to know which one has the least weaknesses.
That's why I commented instead of answering. I was only adding a bit of information to what had already been stated. Also, stats are crucial for determining strong Pokemon from weak ones.
Whether you commented or not, he didn't ask for a synopsis of each one.

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Oshawott has Electric and Grass.

Snivy has Poison, Fire, Flying, Ice, Bug

Tepig has Rock, Ground, and Water, but as an Emboar has weaknesses to Flying, Ground, Water, & Psychic.

Hope I helped! I recommend Oshawott for in-game play...

EDIT: Thought you might want these links. For Oshawott, Snivy, and Tepig. :D

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me to. i didn't want to pick snivy but the stupid anime made me chose snivy because it beat ash. I regreted life for that.
Umm, Enboar is very handy for Dark type Eilte four member and Champion Iris if one is willing to grind and Audino their way out. In short train up to level 69 by the time one defeats the Elite Four. Moreover, it depends on the nature, a Bold natured Tepig would have 10% more defense than say a Brave natured Oshawatt. The base stats for Defense of Tepig and Oshawatt are the same so it boils down to nature and the way one trains for the Pokemon League.
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Serperior weaknesses: poison, flying, fire, ice, bug. That's 5

Emboar weaknesses: flying, water, ground, psychic. That is also 4

Samurott: electric, grass. That's 2

Samurott has the least weaknesses of all the unova starters.