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I have SS, so I think I get Latias. So, I just got the Enigma Stone from the deliveryman in the pokemart. I went into the grass, but Latias didn't come, only regular pokemon were there? Was Latias supposed to have been in the tall grass, or am I going about it the wrong way?


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I think you have to take that Enigma Stone to some guy at the Pewter City Museum. Once you talk to the guy, you'll exchange the stone for a Soul Dew, and Latias should be released into the world.

I haven't done the event myself, but judging by some research, this sounds like the way you do it, so forgive me if I'm wrong. :P

Okay, and also, if I don't use the soul dew before the event is over, I can still get Latias right?
Yep, as long as you get the Soul Dew through exchanging the Enigma Stone, Latias will be in your game until you capture it!
That Guy you are talking about is Hoeen Champion Steven Stone, the one that helped you find Latios/Latias Roaming around Kanto.
Find him, talk to him, He will give it to a Fossil Reviver, Egnima Stone turned into a Soul Dew, Steven Stone left the Building, You left the Musium, Steven Found Latias/Latios, you Battle Latias/Latios, Beat it by Actcident/captured it(Probably have 1 Chance only so save Game litarally), Finally Steven Stone Leaves the Kanto Region.
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In Heartgold you talk to this boy and he says he lost something(I forgot what he lost),then go to vermillion city and talk to steven,after that talk to the head of the pokemon fan club then latias will start roming kanto.In soul silver you talk to this girl an she says she lost her doll and you go to vermillion city and talk to steven, then the head of the pokemon fan club and then latios will start roming kanto.PS save your master balls for these two.

isn't that the opposite way