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My conkeldurr will have the following set:

Conkeldurr - physical juggernaut - shell bell (since all his moves are attacking moves, and few Pokemon resist them, I figure I'll try it)
EVs: 252 atk, 252 HP, 4 def
Nature: adamant
Ability: iron fist/guts
Thunder punch (with ice punch it makes a physical boltbeam combo)
Ice punch (makes a physical boltbeam with thunder punch)
Drain punch (STAB, covers the magnezones and rotom ice that resist the thunder-ice punch combo)
Mach punch (makes up for his low speed, STAB)

Very few Pokemon resist his set, but I want to know which ability it would benefit from more, guts or iron fist. As you can see every move in the set gets an iron fist boost, but with guts, he can cause some major chaos after I switch into a status move.

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Iron Fist would work best here. Since you dont have a Flame/Toxic orb and all your moves get powered up by Iron Fist definitely go with Iron Fist. If you decide to put one of the orbs on it switch to Guts.

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I'd say Iron Fist. You get a boost of power, and you also don't lose health. When using Guts, you'll be crippled in some way: Losing health from Burn/Poison, sometimes immoblie during Paralysis, and asleep while sleeping. Iron Fist gives a boost with being crippled. Also, you get Bolt-Beam with Iron Fist, and that's resisited by 7 Pokemon. Toss in Drain Punch, and you got neutral coverage off the bat (Except Shedinja).

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Definitely Guts. I know Iron Fist seems appealing as all of the moves benefit from it, but being burnt is so crippling for physical attackers that any Pokemon with Guts should use it.