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I don't trust the links on youtube, I'm afraid they'll put a virus on my computer. so does anybody know a dependable site?

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pokemon episode has them all the way back to the first season, not to mention some new episodes. The site hasn't given me any problems, so enjoy!

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DT, I think I love you.

No homo.
i have had a problem ! i tried to get kanto on it but it showed me jhoto and i wanted to watch kanto as well
I use this site all the time!
Omg I've used that site since I was like 8 or something
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First, remember that watching/downloading TV shows is illegal and we don't condone it :p

The most reliable method for downloading anything like that is to use Bittorrent. Do some reading on what it's all about, then try for the program and for torrent files.

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