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I need a defensive pokemon to be able to last a bit longer in battles, but not a pokemon with too many weaknesses. Some people have already suggested that I try bronzong, and I have taken him into consideration, but can I hear some other ideas? Give me reasons to use the pokemon, I'm looking for something with good defensive stats (HP/Def/Sp.Def) Note this is a pokemon on a sandstorm, so most likely a ground, rock, or steel type would be good. (if not a pokemon with magic guard or overcoat) I can find just about any pokemon, so don't limit your idea's to any single game.

(This is my first time asking a question, so I hope I'm doing it right)


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Rock types

85 Hp is good
130 Defense is AMAZING!
70 S.Defense is not very good, but with Sand boost it gets boosted by 1.5 which makes it great!

His movepool is far from perfect but it has enough to make him a powerful wall.

70 Hp is good
180 Defense is HUGE!
60 S.Defense stinks, but again the Sand boost makes it great

His movepool is great and has plenty of useful tools in Offense and Defense.

80 Hp is good
200 Defense is INSANE
100 S.Defense is great and with Sand boost is insane.

His movepool is also great.

Steel Types

80 Hp is good
150 Defense is AWESOME
150 S.Defense is AWESOME

Great movepool.

80 Hp
130 Defense is AMAZING
90 Defense is great, and he can learn Light-screen to boost the entire teams S.Defense

His movepool is awesome as well!

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I just looked at my regirock, and it has a gentle nature :( does anyone want to trade me something? I'd be fine with an Impish, Careful, Relaxed or Sassy nature or even an Adamant regirock (though not as prefered) And if all else fails brave nature! I could discuss this in the chat room...
I did not answer all at once because sometimes I accidentally exit the page and it deletes my answer.
Good answer Speed freak, and Regirock/registeel probably iiiiisssssss the bulkiest pokemon, but I was in need of a water type.
I was going to put in Swampert and Gastrodon as ground types but then Abnormal answered with them.
Oh ok,well I am thinking of using regirock as well, and I'm already using metagross, so it's all good