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For example, let's say I have a pair of Mew and want to teach them moves that when in a double battle they will cover every type that comes against them but seeing as how it is only 2 pokemon i can only have 8 different types of moves so therefore i need move types that are super-effective against at least 2 types. If this question is confusing feel free to ask for more elaboration. Thanks in advance. -Okami

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Ice, Fighting, Ground, Ghost, Flying, & Electric

Other 2: Fire & Grass (Credit to therustyspoon )

Source: Are there any Pokemon that can be super-effective versus 14 types?

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ok what should the other 2 be though? I love suggestions
Beat me to it. However Okami I think you should have a grass move for the common water/grounds and also a fire move for those steel types who take neutral from ground.
so you guys think those move pools would be great for my Wondertomb pair because in all actuality I am trying to make 2 Wonder Guarded Spiritombs that have a great type coverage. Yes I know they are frowned upon but it is just too much fun to see the look on my friends' faces when none of their moves will hit me yet I can take down all their pokemon. Anyways thanks for all the help guys. May good fortune smile upon you.  -Okami