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Besides gliscor/gligar (ice, fight, ground, flying). These two are the only pokemon I could find that are able to have a moveset that's strong versus 14 of the 17 type (excludes water, psychic and ghost).

I'm wondering if there are any other pokemon out there that can be strong versus 14 (or more) of the 17 basic types.

(Not including Smeargle of course. )

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actually id say that gliscor is good against all types because gliscor can learn thunder fang and night slash and x scissor to tackle those three types that you mentioned
@hydreigonrocks: but Pokemon can only learn 4 moves. If you add thunder fang you have to take away something else, so you're still not super-effective against everything.
This is an interesting question though...I'm gonna do some research :)

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This question intrigued me so much, I wrote myself a little program to work out what the best 4 types are!! The answer I came up with is the same you have - 14 types. You can't get any more coverage than that. There are 3 combinations:

  1. Ice, Fighting, Ground, Flying - covers everything except Water, Psychic and Ghost.
  2. Ice, Fighting, Ground, Ghost - covers everything except Water, Fighting and Bug.
  3. Ice, Fighting, Ground, Dark - covers everything except Water, Fighting and Bug.

So if you want move combinations, clearly the types Ice, Fighting, Ground are the best way to go. They appeared in most of the high numbers (e.g. Ice, Fighting, Ground, Psychic is SE against 13 types).

As for actual Pokemon that can learn good moves of those types... well that's another challenge. There are a few as already mentioned: Gliscor, Beartic, Weavile, Gallade, Electivire. I'm sure there are many.

Interesting, seeing as Ground and Fighting get pretty much the same type coverage.
Only rock and steel. They are both SE against 3 other types each, plus ice covers another 4 different types. That's 12 right there.
Of course, this doesn't take into account dual types - you don't get any SE against levitating Bronzong for example. Nor Sableye/Spiritomb/Eelektross for obvious reason.
Yeah, but Ground and fighting moves get neutral coverage aginst most of the other types that the other is super-effective against, and since Fighting and Ground attacks usually have high base power, one of the same type is usually enough. I still find it interesting though.
Great answers, thank you all.

I am definitely going to look into leveling up a Gallade since it also has the strength versus 14 possiblity and only 2 weaknesses.  At a glance it seems even better for my idea as it doesn't have a 4x weakness like Gliscor.

Lucario is nice too but I'm trying to limit my weaknesses to 2 per team member (most of my team only has 1 weakness so far).  Beartic has too many weaknesses for my taste (and I don't have black/White yet).

Another nice thing about my team is that I have not needed to teach anyone any egg moves which is a beautiful thing.

Thanks again everybody!
feraligatr can learn the ground - ice - fighting - flying types moveset also, i am personnally using it like this:


nickname: Larix

serious nature (don't know the stats changes)
 iv/ev?  i don't even know them!
level : 71

Aerial Ace  learned by TM40
Earthquake learned by TM26
Ice Beam  learned by TM13
Brick Break  Learned by TM31
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Electivire can be strong against 13 types with this moveset, plus he is fast and has a decent attack, plus with an expert belt can make it a good lead

Wild Charge


Cross Chop

Ice punch

I'm specifically looking for any other pokemon that can be strong versus 14 or more types.

I have found a few that are strong versus 13 types but what I think puts Gliscor/Gligar over the top is the fact that it knows both offensive earth and flying moves.

Until I found this combo I assumed that 13 was the max.
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I have not found any movesets that are good against more than 14/17, but I have derived that Ice, Ground, Dark and Fighting, are also strong against 14 types (excluding Bug, water, and fighting). Surprisingly few pokemon can learn it with decent moves that support their better attack vs sp attack stat, but two that I have found are Gallade and Lucario. I expect there are others that can learn this type pattern. There certainly are when you comprimise whether you want a special or physical move.

Gallade or Lucario

Ice Punch (gIV tutor)

Close Combat/ fighting move of choice

Night Slash

I don't know if this helped you at all, but I hope it did.

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How about Beartic that can learn:
Egg move Night Slash;
Egg move Avalanche;
Aerial Ace;
it can learn moveset that strong to fight all types(except water),,(of course if 5 movesets is allowed,,:p) but it is have a movesets that are strong to fight 14 types,,just choose the moveset u like (to me it is ground(dig);fight(superpower);Ice (Avalance); and dark(Night Slash))
how's this?

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I'd go with Poliwrath it can have Fighting/Ground/Ice/Dark but it's also got water absorb so it means it doesn't have to be super effective against water types.