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I'm gunna try for the regional video game championships and i was gunna use a ditto but im not sure if it copies stats too cuz its stats are kinda low. please help me out =(

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Here is what Transform copies:

Attack Stat
Sp. Def
Sp. Attack
Capture Rate
Experience Given when defeated
Any stat changes made by the foe

However, when you land a Critical Hit, the damage will be based off your offensive stats.

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No wonder my DITTO was hard to catch! It transformed into my GIRATINA.
Lol Platinum, Mine transformed into darkrai
lol mine was so hard to catch i ran out of pokeballs and accidentally used my masterball.
I was trying to catch one but it is hard if it turns into a rampaging haxorus
Are you sure it copies catch rate as I had one transform into a sentret and it was still reasonably hard to catch
LOL Platinum same happened to me!