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And if so, what are those EVs?
And are the IVs perfect?

Wondering because these teams are the teams of the VGC winners, so the actual teams likely had perfect IVs and had EVs.

Don't know, but they more than likely EV trained them according to Smogon's EV spreads.
"This tournament features players from the Video Game Championship Nationals in Japan in June 2012. The teams are based upon their teams and are sure to be quite a challenge." Not sure if this is a significant answer so ill post it as a comment.
@ Erick Hill: Smogon's? Not likely... I doubt that they look at metagame sites like that... 0_0
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Alright, decided to put some work into this.

The answer is no.

Perfect IVs gives you HP Dark. I ran a Chandelure against a Zapdos, it used HP. It was "not very effective."

As for EVs, Zapdos ran Heatwave. I did some calculations from the damage dealt, if Zapdos had 128 SAtk it would have guaranteed more damage. (This was an EXTREMELY slow battle xD)

I tested this and my theory was correct. (I also have a Japanese copy, so that is how I tested.)

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Great job, Ninja. Now that's another great answer!
Thanks JCM.
And yes, you are right about the IVs, just saying because you said "If I recall correctly". Great Answer. Been wondering this too.
It takes skill to figure that one out. Up voting.
Wow, amazing answer. Must have taken you forever to figure this out (seeing as you said "This was an EXTREMELY slow battle"). So, since it was also fun to read, upvote!
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