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GNAHHH I CAN'T BEAT THE ELITE 4 I need training so bad...

My Team:
Rufflet Lvl. 43
Eelektross Lvl. 44
Excadrill Lvl. 44
Chandelure Lvl. 45
Samurott Lvl. 46
Lilligant Lvl.46


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Well,there's always AUdino, but they're pretty hard to find...
Hold Lucky Egg; it will give you more exp.
Route 10 and Victory Road will help as well. Also do EVs if you don't.
( [pokemondb.net/ev][1] )
If you haven't, beat Tornadus/Thundurus and Cobalion, Virzion, and Terrakion. (Cobalion must come first)
If you beat the E4, they will come back! :)

Just my two cents. Hope I helped!
[1]: http://pokemondb.net/ev

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I would train in victory road. it has the highest lvl pokemon so far in the game .

Any specific pokemon I should fight?
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  • Victory Road
  • Audino
  • Big Stadium
  • Small Court
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I would (and still I still do) train in Big Stadium and Small Court.