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I am doing my first EV trained Pokemon and I just wanted to confirm.

Pokemon - Gallade
EV - 220 Att, 220 Sp Def and 70 speed

I have given the Gallade 10 of Protien and Zinc and given it 7 Carbos. Now I have trained it as follows.
Fought 31 Gurdurr (higher level pokemon fought and Ralts had EXP share) once Ralts got to Kirlia I evolved. I then fought another 30 Gurdurr, Gallade had a power band held (I switched out to higher levelled pokemon) Now given this info is my Gallade got the required EV that originally was stated?


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I believe not... But you're really close!
10 Protien: 100 Atk
10 Zinc: 100 Sp. defense
7 Carbos: 70 Speed

Then... Fought 31 Gurdurr, each 2 Atk.
31 x 2 = 62, so 162 Atk
Evolved, and has power band.
Fought another 30 Gurdurr. Each battle gives you four more Sp. Defense, so 30 x 4 = 120 = 220 Sp. Defense. But wait!!
When you battle another 30 Gurdurr, that's 60 more Atk EVs, which totals 222 Atk EVs in total, which isn't what you wanted. So, if you get to 222 on your last battle, your EVs are full, and your last two Sp. Defense don't count.

therefore, you got 222 Atk/118 Sp. defense/70 Spd
The last two in Sp Defense don't count, because they don't give you a stat point, however.

It's close enough!

I thought with the power band I would recieve the 4 sp def as well at the 2 att from Gurdurr or has this been misinformed to me?
Yep you are right but with the last gurdurr after the two atk your Evs are full
Thank you for the assistance, sorry one more question, as my Gallade in only on level 31 can I now train it the normal way ie fighting the elite 4 ect ect