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I know the types are different, but what about Base Power? Can you check the Base Power? And are there any other variables of this mysterious move?

You can also check the power if you know the Pokemon's IVs and an IV calculator.
Use this to find the IVs, then type & power.


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Yes, you can check Base Power.

Power: ((H + A + D + S + X + Y)*(40/63) + 30)mathfloor

A=Attack IVs
D=Defense IVs
S=Speed IVs
X=Special Attack IVs
Y=Special Defense IVs
mathfloor=remove decimal (if any)

>It looks fairly similar to the Type formula, doesn't it? However, it doesn't use even and odd numbers to change the variables' values. Instead, it asks if the IV, when divided by 4, has a remainder of 2 or 3 (in decimal, if it has .5 or.75 after division). If the any of the IVs, when divided by 4 do not have a remainder of 2 or 3, the corresponding variable has a value of 0. If the IV for the respective stat is divisible by 2 or 3, the values of the variables are as follows: H is equal to 1; A is equal to 2; D, equal to 4; S, to 8; X, to 16; and Y, to 32. Again, once the values of the variables are determined, add them up. Now, multiply them by 40, divide the product by 63, and then add 30 to the result. Again, you will want to use the "mathfloor" function to eliminate any numbers after the decimal place (if there is one).

Base Power and Type are the only two main variables.


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