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Single battle

You can use it to eliminate opponents abilities that would be potentially dangerous to you (like Gastro acid). Example: You are fighting Sand-rush Excadrill, you can use worry seed to remove its speed boost.

Double/Triple battle

You can use it to remove a hindering ability from a teammate. Slaking with Truant, Regigigas with Slow-start, Archeops with Defeatist etc.

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• Someone might have rest in there moveset so it can screw them over.
• In a double/triple battle you can use it on your partners
• The pokemon gains the ability "insomnia" so it can be used on slacking to change its ability or it can change any other pokemons ability

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For Rest-Talkers, you just ruined there whole idea

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Use it on a POKEMON like SNORLAX they cant use rest any more.also if your foe has a super anoying ability like wonder guard you can get rid of it

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