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Im searching for a Heracross but its really hard i only find Spearow and Apioms.


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>If the Pokémon with Illuminate is leading the party, the wild Pokémon encounter rate is increased to 200%.

Heatbutting Pokemon is still a wild encounter. Just make sure that the lead Pokemon has Illuminate. Illuminate just raises encounter rate to 200%, not a specific Pokemon's encounter rate.

Heracross are somewhat rare, so be patient!

Also, where are you searching? That might be why.

Here are the places:

  • Route 33, 46, Azelea Town (Levels 2-5)
  • Route 7, 11, 42, Vemilion City, Celedon City (Levels 11-17)
  • Route 42, 44, 45, 47 (Levels 21-30)
  • Route 28, Outside Mt. Silver (Levels 39-48)
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im searching to the right of Morty's Gym Town(Ghost Gym leader) forgot the name of the town
50% Impossible :P
I dont believe it i must have been through like 200 spearows and apioms
You must've gotten really bad luck, Kyron.
Yup i must
You need to headbutt a special tree.