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Could someone please provide a list of battle episodes, with English words and sounds?
By battle I mean either big battles, such as Pokemon-League or E-4, and Gym Leaders or Pokmeon tournametns. I know I could just Google "ash vs insert gym leader" but often I don't get a whole episode with the right sounds.

NOTE: Please provide a valid link to a player for each, or just a website for all of them that has valid players. Thanks!

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Do you need links? This link should help you.The episodes themselves should define which are battles.
Been there, done that. Most of their links are broken.

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gogoanime has the most Pokemon episodes.Here are some:, also if you have Real player you can download them :

you will love those

You can also go and see on the seasons and their episodes.See the ones with the intense battling, google it and download the episode (if you can)

Hope I helped :D

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All right. Not exactly what I was looking for, but I get the feeling this is the best I will get.

And the Tv Guide is miles behind the other websites.